James Bond completed 54 years on the silver screen, actors have come and gone but one thing continues to stay strong – the Bond Songs! Yes, the magic word indeed is bond because any theme song ever written for a Bond movie has always managed to top the charts and inspire a whole generation of singers ahead.

While majority of the singles deserve their status as the greatest musical creations ever, some truly are miles above the rest. It is our hope to separate the gems from the rocks. Please note that the songs are in no particular sequence and I like each equally as the other though there are a few songs that narrowly missed out on this list.

Diamonds Are Forever by Shirley Bassey

The title track for the movie “Diamonds Are Forever”, this song peaked in 1972 and went all the way up to 57th position that year. Bassey croons through the track with her sultry voice and strikes rather terrific strings and horns throughout. In fact, the title song served rather well for this Sean Connery starrer as he uncovers a gem smuggling ring. Bassey’s lyrics are as if it is the inner voice of Bond.

You Only Live Twice By Nancy Sinatra

Reaching number 44 on the billboard charts in the year 1967, this Nancy Sinatra creation for the movie titled the same, actually plays out only in the title sequence as viewers are left gasping for their breath having just witnessed the death of Bond! It is only through the lyrics of the music you realize that Bond simply cannot be dead.

All Time High By Rita Coolidge

My personal favorite, I just love the piano and horn effect of Coolidge’s creation. This song peaked in the year 83 and reached the 36th position in the charts.

Thunderball by Tom Jones

Yet another classic makes it into the list from the Bond flick, “Thunderball”. What makes this specific bond song incredible is that it is sung by a male artist. Tom Jones does an impressive job with this melodramatic ballad.

Die Another Day By Madonna

A complete pop theme by a pop diva, when Madonna gives the title track, how can it not be a smash hit? The movie unfortunately was a slight drab as were many other Pierce Brosnan 007 movies but at least the music was a hit.

Goldfinger By Shirley Bassey

Reaching the heights of the top ten charts in 1965, Shirley Bassey features once more in this list and in fact is the only singer to have recorded twice for any Bond Movie theme. Giving the title track to the movie Goldfinger, this is in fact her first attempt with Diamonds Are Forever being her second take.

For Your Eyes Only By Sheena Easton

A title song, it is in all earnest a modern day tender ballad that stood out from many other Bond theme songs in the past. In fact, it was so unique to the Bond franchise and Easton’s mesmerizing voice together took it to the 4th position in the Billboard charts in 1981.

Live And Let Die By Paul McCartney

Peaking at position 2 worldwide, what do you really expect when Paul McCartney delivers a track? Even if it wasn’t for the Bond movie, Live and let Die would still be a super hit. The Piano-guitar rocker explodes in your face and does not die down till the end. In my opinion this is the best ever 007 track performed.

Nobody Does It Better By Carly Simon

Yet another chartbuster, this one was sung by Carly Simon in 1977 and it too reached the heights of Live And Let Die. A powerful ballad composed by Marvin Hamlisch, it is all what was great about Bond movies when Roger Moore acted.

And…. We reached out to Duncan, who writes for Zozanga – Kitchen Appliance Reviews to get his opinion on his favorite Bond song:

“The only track in my list to reach number one spot on Billboard list in 1985, Duran Duran provides this cover for the movie in the 80s and not only does the movie do well in the box office but this track happens to be the only one to stay on number one spot for any Bond flick.”