This time around I am going to write on electric guitars. I have been neglecting this genre of instruments for quite some time now. Fact is, such guitars are not my personal favorite and hence I only occasionally dabble in them. Nevertheless, I understand that many of my readers would love to learn more about electric variants so here’s a quick no-brainer for you all.

Before we explain whammy bars and knobs, first you have to understand how electric guitars function. They are devices that have a shape similar to acoustics except they don’t really depend on resonance or any such scientific term to make sound. They need their own independent speakers and by connecting the guitar to the amp can you make any sort of sound. So, having understood what a basic electric guitar is, let’s get down to the business of figuring out what those catchy knobs and that whammy bar is for.

The Knobs

Electric guitars with control knobs let you change the volume of the guitar on-the-fly and even the tone. The knobs also let you control the pick-up as there are several options available so you have to decide what pick-up to use. This naturally means that you can use more than one-pickup to get your desired sound signature. However, for most these knobs are a means of feeling more comfortable playing music with a guitar. In the hands of pros though, such knobs help migrate from treble to bass sounds and back.

Whammy Bar On Expensive Guitars

Whammy bars are almost never present on cheap or rather affordable guitars. There’s two good reasons for that. First, whammy bars put a lot of stress on the strings and the guitar as a whole so if the guitar is not designed to handle this kind of stress, it can throw the strings out of tune. Second, the whole idea behind a whammy bar is to enhance the sound signature, not to detract from it. Having said this, it is always nice to have a whammy bar along with control knobs. The possibilities these two things offer are simply endless though you need a lot of experience and practice before you can successfully integrate the two components to your play.