Fabric, a highly acclaimed club that was earlier closed down by London Islington Council is once again ready to start operations as early as end of December. In a recent announcement, the club’s spokesperson commented on how the involvement of several supporters helped get the licenses back.

When Fabric shutdown, the outrage against this action grew at an alarming rate and it wasn’t long until the local residents, artists from UK and the world, supporters of the club, promoters and even random strangers across the world all came together in support of Fabric. Phrases such as Save Fabric, We Stand United Fabric became commonplace on Facebook and eventually a petition to save Fabric collected over 150,000 signatures compelling the local authorities to reinstate their licenses.

Islington Council had earlier on 7th September in conjunction and approval of the Metropolitan Police cancelled the license of Fabric to operate. This came after the tragic death of two individuals from drug-related causes on the premises. While the club was never directly held responsible, it was the view of the Council that the deaths could have been avoided. Nevertheless, a campaign began from 8th September and it quickly caught on like wildfire on the social media. Eventually, the sheer number of petitions and requests pouring in on the official pages of the Metropolitan Police and the Islington Council compelled them to get in an agreement with the club for reinstatement of the license provided certain ground rules and amendments were always adhered with. For instance, the club now had to raise minimum age for entry to 19 years and conduct stringent ID checks at all times. There are 38 more clauses in the agreement that was presided over and approved by the judge.