In my opinion drums are the easiest of all instruments to start playing. No, I do not believe in playing a guitar or a digital piano first if you simply wish to learn something to play. I know what a lot of you are thinking – “So many people say drums are hard in the beginning…” Yes, and no, drums can be hard but there’s a reason why I prefer them above other instruments when it comes to learning something that makes music.

Drums may be hard to start from scratch but progressing from stage noob to stage intermediate on drums is much easier. You level up a lot quicker from the beginning even though in the start it can be annoying to get the hands and feet coordinated so that you don’t sound like a lunatic. Once your coordination is perfect, and you can move your appendages independent of each other, learning new genre of music, replicating steps is a breeze. All you have to do is listen to a track couple of times and you can almost always replicate what you hear.

This is why I really believe that it is the best instrument to learn first. Besides, there’s something about beating the heck out of something that soothes my inner demons!

Guitars are a lot more difficult than what mainstream media would have us believe. While it is an excellent companion to songs that you have written, often helping you compose tracks, getting the hang of this stringed instrument enough so you can do all this needs a lot of practice and time. There are several nuances involved and while many can learn the guitar, mastering it enough to be considered a good guitarist takes plenty of time. Then there are so many variations of guitars that moving from one to the other will require you to spend more time learning the difference in sound signature.

Piano and Keyboards are easy as long as you stick to a single or two notes at most. The moment you decide to move through the whole range of notes, things can quickly get out of hand. Trying to play an entire song with all the subtle variations takes years of practice. And that is why piano is best learnt from a really young age.

By the way, if you think that playing drums will get you into trouble with your neighbors then you would be wrong. There are plenty of silent sets that use electric sets so the sound is produced either using amps or headphones. You can use them to learn drumming without really bothering neighbors sleeping through the night.