According to Resident Advisor Delia who was instrumental for the Doctor Who theme will have a street in her name.

Delia as an individual was always a strong spoken person. She believed in her work and never did anything she did not believe in. Often criticized for being stubborn and wanting to have her way, it is only fitting that the street in Coventry will be called Derbyshire Way instead of Derbyshire Road as it was originally planned to be named. This street will commemorate the birth and life of BBC radiophonic workshops brightest star in the 70s, Delia Derbyshire.

She was born right in Coventry in 1937 on May 5th. She lived to a ripe old age and finally passed away in 2001. During her time here though, she did enough to leave a lasting impression on the community as a whole. It is only fitting to have a street named after her.