After securing the presence of Ashley Paul, Counterflows 2017 promises to be more diverse than ever before and any other underground music celebration in the whole of Northern Europe. To be held in Glasgow in 2017, this underground festival will see the likes of Svitlana Nianio, Utah Kawasaki, Midori Takada, Farmers Manual, Modern Institute, Olimpia Spendid and more. Plus, these artists will be performing with a next-to-no scheduling clash as promised by the organizers, each getting a specific part of the city for their performance.

It is the belief of the organizers that such a festival will only help promote underground music and help break barriers between specific music genres. Underground music is all about making music and not trying to stick to one specific category or class. It combines several disciplines and practices and by bringing leading local and global artists together, there is always a chance of greater collaboration and discovery.

This year, Glasgow Counterflows promises to have several surprises in store. There will be the obvious one-off collaborations, talks, clubnights, intimate shows and performance but a few surprises for the crowd awaits.