Acoustic guitars are dime a dozen and they come in so many shapes. Most common being those made from wood and in a classic guitar shape but there are many more variations among acoustics. To me though, any acoustic is always a better option than electric especially if you are simply jamming at home and love making music.

Think of the greats like Bryan Adams, Maroon 5, Eagles – they may use variety of guitars to compose their tracks but almost every time they compose a song, it is done to the tune of an acoustic guitar. The reason is that you can produce subtle variations that are natural and mistakes don’t really come out all that bad. So, let’s get down to business and find ourselves a decent acoustic.

The Classic

Classic guitars are excellent companions. They are like Labradors – lovable, easy going and fun after one gets used to the break-in period of course. Made from wood and strings from nylon, the combination of the two makes for hearty and whole sounds that are inviting and comfortable.

Flamenco Guitars

A flamenco guitar is only slightly different than a classic acoustic. The difference though lies only in the sound. Naturally, the construction and shape is slightly different and it is this difference that is responsible for its crisper sounding notes.

Steel-Top Guitars

A steel-top guitar and a classic guitar put side by side differs mostly in the size. Yes, there is a little addition of steel in certain areas but it may not necessarily affect the sound produced from these guitars. To some though, steel-tops tend to feel warmer and nicer though to me the difference is fractional at best.

12-string Variant

To some this is a horror but to me it is a unique piece of acoustic equipment. This particular guitar with double the number of strings can actually duplicate the sounds of two guitars and thus in the hands of a master provide some really amazing music to any song. Naturally though it is tougher to play.

Resonator Variations

Resonator guitars can be of many types. Some are round, others conventional by design and yet more square. As for the sound signature, when you pluck a string of this guitar it produces a vibration that lasts much longer within the body thanks to the abundant use of steel in strategic locations. The end result is a warm soothing sound. Even the shape of the resonator variations has a role in the kind of sound they make.

Archtop Variation

An Archtop version of the acoustic guitar is pricy. At $25,000 you can find a decent archtop but for good quality variations you may have to spend double that amount! Yup, these pricey guitars do sell like hotcake and are the choice of Jazz players. To find out whether it is an archtop, be on the lookout for an f-hole design at the center instead of the traditional hollow.