With the recent Brexit developments, there is a sudden rise in hate crimes, a feeling of uncertainty among the public and a general sense of outrage that the country could vote in favor of regression. In such torrid times, Sam Underwood, a well-known instrument builder and sound artist has designed a T-shirt for charity purposes. The T-shirt features the words, “Dance How You Like” and is currently aiding the charity, Citizens of UK. This message is a heartfelt one as Sam describes his thoughts behind making the T-shirt design.

“If you believe that everyone should have the right to speak their mind, feel the way they want to and wear what they like then it is only natural that they should also dance how they like”. This T-shirt is a reminder that everyone is different but it is in this diversity that UK flourishes. In such uncertain times, Sam’s attempts at bringing the community together is commendable and to think of the proceeds helping a good cause is yet another reason to purchase the T-shirts. The designs are also available as hoodies and sweatshirts. You can even find them in customized colors if that’s your choice.